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Clan Flanigan!

For all you have meant to us this year.
Your friendship and encouragement, your support and love and yes, even your “nagging? - but most of all your constant and unflagging enthusiasm - Thank You! And here is I hope you like it!

This is just a sample using the default style - but you can make your new website look just as you’d like. By clicking this link: WebPlus you will download a copy of some web-building software that is my gift to you. Install it on your computer and build your website!

You also have email addresses for each of your family:

I hope I spelled all the names correctly - I’ll change them if need be.
Call and I’ll tell you how to set up your email client. Also, I’ll make an address for Callie’s husband - I couldn’t remember his name!

Many blessings in the New Year, Dave